Unlock Peak Performance: Mastering Energy Balance in Sports

Sports Nutrition for Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (REDs)

If you’re grappling with the delicate equilibrium of energy intake and expenditure in sports, have experienced menstrual irregularities due to overtraining, or face recurring stress fractures, our expertise is at your service!

Are you experiencing impaired sports performance, fatigue, hypothalamic amenorrhea (HA), reduced bone density or increased injuries/illness?

Our dietitians are your partners in achieving optimal energy balance. We’re equipped to address energy deficits in sports, including conditions like REDS or HA.

Meet your sports nutritionist

Maja Berry

In addition to her dietetic qualifications, Maja holds a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition and serves as a sports nutritionist for ENBS and Rambert, complementing her work in private practice. Her primary focus is energy deficiency in sports, such as Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports (REDS) or Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA). She sees adults and adolescents who potentially struggle with balancing energy intake with energy expenditure.

what’s included and how You’ll benefit

What’s Included in Sports Nutrition Care For Athletes

Within our Sports Nutrition service, you’ll find these essential pillars to support your journey towards recovery and a healthier relationship with food:

Initial 1:1 Consultation (60 min)

During this session, we aim to understand current intake, current energy expenditure and to take current anthropometrics.

Follow-up Sessions (30 min)

Regular check-ins to track your progress, make adjustments, and provide ongoing support.

Fortnightly reviews

Their goal is to help guide you to changing habits and ensure we are adjusting energy intake to match energy expenditure.

Detailed dietary analysis to determine current macronutrient and energy intake.

A complete plan to get you started.

I will often use the Recovery record to help track progress and provide support.

When required, referrals to other health professionals to help you reach your goals.

And for our female athletes – your period!

Our Pricing

Your Initial consultation + meal plan + two weeks’ access to the recovery app costs £150 + follow-up booked in a fortnight is £100.

From there, you can choose one of the following packages:


Fortnightly sessions + app support



Monthly Session + App Support



App Support Only



Sports Analysis Report


My Process Step-by-Step


Book a 1:1 either via the website or by contacting Leanne, our virtual assistant.


Initial consultation.


Meal plan and link to recovery record.


Regular follow-up sessions and fortnightly reviews.

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
It’s happened. I am very pleased to say that I got my period. I can not thank you enough, you’re an absolute legend.
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Frequently Asked Questions

This is very difficult to measure. It is a combination of matching energy intake with expenditure but also changing habits, which can be harder to change. I see it as a process of building things up and looking at all the different variables until we achieve the end result.

Yes! I have a clinic in Richmond and am happy to see you in person or via zoom.

This will be discussed when we first meet. I try not to cut out all exercise, but I might ask you to reduce your exercise and I will definitely be asking for a few rest days. I try to find a balance that is workable but also allows us to achieve our goals as quickly as possible.

I would suggest fortnightly initially so that we can consistently tweak and improve your plan.

No, this isn’t necessary. We will go through everything in the first consultation and then decide what information we still need and whether any tests are required.

Are you an adult struggling with an eating disorder?

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